Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stupid People, Entertainment for us all

Here is a collection of my favorite videos of people doing really stupid things.

Dumb Kid using a ladder and a laundry basket as a ride.

This winner never stopped to think about the outcome of this stunt. Fortunately he was just smart enough to figure out how to use a camera. It seems like he survived with everything but his pride intact, and a sense of respect for gravity.

Three Idiots Play Train Chicken

These people are among the luckiest in India. They run across the tracks just in the nick of time, as a speeding train screams by at 100 miles an hour. Statistics claim that up to 10 people die each day from train related accidents in India.

Trucker Decides to check his fuel level with a lighter.

I Have absolutely no idea what was going on in this dim-wits brain. You see him take the lighter out of his pocket, light it, and then the world goes boom. Even little children know that fuel vapors are explosive.

Photocopier Prank Gone Wrong

I sure this guy is the life of the party. You see him looking around cautiously, making absolutely sure he is all alone to purse his devious behavior. He lowers his trousers, drops his tighty-whiteys, and hops his pasty white ass on the copier. I hear glass shards are a bitch to get out of the testes.

Firebombing Gone Wrong

Here is a great video showing how not to use a firebomb. He douses the street with fuel (mostly spilling it all over his bike and torso) lights the can and proceeds to light the side walk, his bike, and himself on fire. Idiot.

Multiple idiots try to catch a tiger by the tail

All of these people must have been terminal insane. They are trying to catch a tiger by hand, for fucks sake!

Teenagers try to outrun a freight train

Every time I watch this video I am reminded of deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car. One of the boys makes it across clean, the other, well, just watch.

Smashing a Burning Microwave.

These geniuses decided to light a microwave on fire, and then hit it with a rake. This caused a rather spectacular explosion.

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